…”Because You Say So, I Will D…”


Commitment: Putting your weight on something to the point of vulnerability.  This has been a big challenge for me recently, because most of my professional journey has been pretty formulated up until this point.  Going into the profession of athletic training has been something I planned since high school and I pretty much stuck to the plan until now.  They teach you a lot of things when you get into your program as an athletic training student, but I realized one aspect that was missing, was the art of branding yourself.

You get the foundation of anatomy, physiology, clinical assessment, as well as the art of building a training room, but what happens when you have hit that ceiling?  What happens when that “season” in your life is over and its time for you to reinvent yourself? When you have done your continuing education and have obtained those extra degrees? Now what?

You become vulnerable.  Not necessarily in a negative light, but you begin to reassess where you are as you begin to go through this process.  Today my Pastor spoke on The Book of Luke, and ones encounter with spiritual growth.  He stated that, “knowing that God is going to change something in your life; trust in him and just do.”  Thats what I plan to do, just continue to do.  Though my journey has been pretty set up until this point, I will get better at committing without certainty.  Bore into the experiences and tools that I already have to build into this next phase of my career.  As my friend Marc Williamson from Flamekeepers Hat Club always says to me, nothing happens by coincidence.  I may not have been directly taught the art of branding, but I have great examples around me to feed from. My advice to anyone at this stage in their career is to be bold and go forward without certainty and see where the journey takes you.

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