I’m a learn it all, I’m not a know it all….


At least 3x a week I have the pleasure while driving to work every morning, to catch up with one of my best friends Lauren Bullock and talk shop.  She is almost like my real life diary where I bounce ideas and current events off of her with no filter, as she does the same.  At the end of the the day we are always striving to be honest and truthful with each other.  The core of our discussions always seem to magnify our common theme: life long learning and how this will shape our path in reaching our goals and dreams.eastman-200

Today I had both the pleasure of talking shop with Ms. Bullock as well as attending a speaking engagement with my Men’s Basketball team led by Kevin Eastman, former VP of Basketball Operations for the LA Clippers.  I always say nothing happens by coincidence, and attending this engagement was an example of that.

His words resonated in that he, as well as I, are on a journey of learning on how to get to that next level.  Mr. Eastman stressed that surrounding yourself with successful people and learning from the best is the common denominator in this life long journey of learning.  Even as we gain this knowledge, we still will never know it all, and have to humble ourselves to continue learning.  We need to understand that we are going to make mistakes, just strive to make new ones.  I pride myself on not being a know it all, but have always been motivated to learn more.  Are you a know it all or a learn it all?


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